Monday, November 6, 2017

Radio Radio... Why Do You Subject Us To Crap?

I live in terrestrial radio hell.  We have minimal rock stations, a couple of cookie cutter hiphop stations, and a shitload of country music (calling that crap music is a stretch, I know) formatted garbage.  Mainstream audio broadcasts suffer heavily from "all sizzle, no steak".  There is almost zero substance to what they play, and in the case of my area, filled with on air talent (yes, I know, stretching again) like a local craptastic guy we shall refer to as Bobby Notalent.

So, I admit, I'm in my mid 30's.  I'm old, I'm out of touch, I don't understand the music of today's generation.  Well, I didn't understand it when I was 16 either.  It was overly produced pop crap and hillbilly bullshit designed to appeal to people with no sense of individuality and are desperate to be part of the in crowd.  What they played 20 years ago sucked just as bad as what they play today.  And don't get me started on hipsters, bunch of pretentious tools with a superiority complex that have made it such a point to avoid the mainstream that they became a part of it.  You aren't cool because you like obscure stuff, hell, you aren't cool at all.

My coming of age was on the tail end of being able to identify the city you were driving in by the radio station.  I somewhat long for the days where I could take a road trip from Lafayette to Houston and get a different listening experience as I crossed over into different regions.  Now, thanks to Clear Channel/I heart Radio or whatever the fuck they call themselves, I can get the same assembly line radio as I pass through Lake Charles, Beaumont, and onward to Houston.  It doesn't even matter that the stations are not owned by the same mega corporations, they all sound the same.

Radio is like McDonald's!  No matter where you go, the menu is identical save for a couple of specially marketed local options (Go to Texas, you can get a Texas Big Mac or whatever).  I suppose that it's fine when you have no options and need something that you know quick, but fuck, it's so boring.  It doesn't take that much of an adventuring spirit and a couple bucks more to hit up a place you have never been and experience something truly epic.  Of course, people want to play it safe, and so, what's what makes money, and that's what makes it all suck.

I miss when radio was fun.  Now it's lame as hell, and of course, I can't even enjoy a morning show without the hosts trying to be political.  Who the fuck programs a rock station with the most liberal artists ever to take the stage with two hacks who do stupid voices while pushing a right-wing agenda?  They have formats dedicated to political nut jobs on either side.  I don't want to hear it in between tracks of ZZ Top and Black Sabbath.

If it sucks now, how bad will it be in another 20 years?  At least we have podcasts, streaming music, and satellite radio for better entertainment options.

Monday, June 12, 2017

But I have this friend, Tyler Durden, who....

"I am Jack's sense of neglect"


It has been about two months since I have written anything on this page.  I suppose I'm due.  May and early June was an eventful month.  Friends had kids, fixed existing issues, and prevented a massive house flood.  You know, typical shit.

Most of the month of May was spent in kind of a funk.  The only good thing about going through that is rediscovering things that you enjoy doing.  Between getting back into a gym routine (finally), I also have been focusing on reading again.  And, I am working on digging into a lot more thoughtful literature.  I had difficulties reading fiction recently, and kind of fell into this confort zone of technical and biographical writing.

Nothing wrong with it, but now is the time to step outside of that zone.  It is easy to stay within a comfort zone and feel safe and warm, but in doing so, you deny yourself the opportunity to discover something new, to feel something other than just what you want to feel.  It is important to challenge yourself, step into the unknown, and embrace it.  Break out of your bubble.

"I am Jack's sense of change"

jacks 3

If you are wondering why I am peppering this post with Fight Club references, it is because I just got in the first issue of Fight Club 2, and a friend has shown that he has way more love for the book and film than I did.  I'm considering re-reading the book (it has been five years), just to re-immerse myself back into that story.  I fell in love with that twisted story upon first discoverying it when I was 19 years old.  I picked up the book a couple years later and gained a whole new appreciation for the work that the writers, actors, and directors put into trying to stay as close to the source material as possible.

Today also marks day 1000 of documenting what I eat.  I think today is a good starting point to push my own Tyler Durden away and being focusing on positive things that improve body, mind, and spirit.  That's where breaking out of my comfort zone comes in.   As you improve one, it becomes easier to improve the others.  Change is not always awful, and sometimes, it can be for the best.

"I am Jack's determination"

Fight Club-Odd Jobs

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Damn you, Domain Dot Com

For the past seven years, I have been a loyal customer of  I have registered multiple domain names through this company and was extremely satisfied with the level of service I received.  The company was also quick to provide customers with promotional codes to discount the costs of registration or renewal.  Anytime I became involved in a collaboration or a side project, was the registrar I used when securing a domain name.

It should be noted that anytime I registered a domain, I paid the additional $12.99 for privacy.

The past couple of years, I've stopped involvement in collaborations, and found myself squatting on fourdomains that no longer had use or any real value.  Rather than continuing to pay to renew these domains as well as the privacy feature, I allowed these domains to expire.  Last week, after it being a year since these domains expired, I noticed in the billing section of my account that I was still being automatically charged the $12.99 free for these four domains, despite the fact that I no longer held the registration.  Contacting customer support, I found myself being talked down to, given the runaround on the matter.  The same could be said for the billing support representative.  It wasn't until I went to twitter and tagged @DomainDotCom about my issue that I was issued a refund.

I promptly moved the two remaining domains I have registered, including this one, to another registrar and closed my account.

TLDR: will continue to charge your credit card for services associated with domain names allowed to expire.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Punk Rock Response To The Lame Ass NFL Starring Marshawn Lynch

I'm Just Here So I won't Get Fined.

-Marshawn Lynch

The National Football League is a fucking joke.  Between that and the lame ass bandwagon fans that jump on and off depending on a teams win/lost record have really soured me on watching football.  Well, that and the shitty commentary teams that viewers get subjected to.  So, this decade, the sports league that gets to be the joke is the NFL, the other organizations thank you.

The root of this is probably due to the braindead politician in charge of the league, Roger Goodell.  I bet the makeup artists work extremely hard to cover the brown streak on his nose.  I mean, I'd assume it would be stained considering where he keeps it.  He is more concerned with the leagues public image than acting as an unbiased leader, with very little regard for fairness when it comes to punishments for rule breaking.

I mean, this is the league that considered a two game suspension just for a professional athlete knocking his wife out cold.  They even had video, but tried to hide it, because it's more important for the league to look good, than admit that one of their players could commit such a horrible act.  Of course, because of that fuck up, when they backpeddled and tried to cover their asses, Ray Rice challenged and had it overturned.  Good job Goodell.  You were made the bitch of the players union.

But, they will make sure to enforce fines for a player who skips a media appearance.  And I know, people will piss and moan that "oh, he's a highly paid professional athlete, he should quit bitching and just go out and do his job".  I somewhat agree with that, as he signed a contract, and agreed to it as part of that contract.  Of course, it does seem petty as fuck that the NFL will enforce this beause they believe they are some legit kind of authority, but will cover up for a piece of shit that beats women.  Fuck the NFL.

So, Lynch did what I think is the most punk rock thing anyone in the NFL could do, and that's set a timer on his phone, and respond to everyone with the same answer.  Me, I applaud him for spitting in the face of those fuckers.  After all, he did what he agreed to do, he answered reporters questions, and he gave them the answer he wanted.

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Quote by Patti Smith

Sometimes you're doing really well, then, after three or four years, everything inexplicably crashes like a house of cards and you have to rebuild it. It's not like you get to a point where you're all right for the rest of your life.
-Patti Smith


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

That time I Insulted A Burlesque Dancer

Empathy is a tool for building people into groups, for allowing us to function as more than self-obsessed individuals.

-Neil Gaiman

There are situations where you are trying to be funny, and end up just saying something fucking dumb.   I did this very recently, and even mentioned it in a previous post.  With a group of people playing Cards Against Humanity, it's not uncommon for vile and awful jokes to get thrown around.  It's pretty much expected.  And I managed to make a joke that caused everyone to go quiet.  And it wasn't even that good a joke.

 "What is the difference between a stripper and a burlesque dancer?  A burlesque dancer doesn't have daddy issues"

And of course, a woman who performs burlesque was sitting at the table.  Fuck me, right?   I did appologize for the lame joke, not meaning to intend it as a direct insult, and was just being a smartass (or dumbass, you pick).  She was cool about it, and began telling someone else about the kind of stuff she does.  She also showed me a video of the pasties she purchased that had color changing LED's (no, it was not a video of her wearing them, just that they were delivered and looked cool).

So, I fully admit to it being just a dick thing to do.  It would be different had this been a person I know, and it was some type of inside joke, and ha ha, you do artsy stripping, and such.  But, this was a person I had just met, I think.  She did seem familiar, and I suck at names and faces.  But, that's besides the point, and I'm glad she didn't get pissed off or was hurt, and at least somewhat forgiving of this loud mouth asshole who just insulted something she loves.  The intent was to get a dumb laugh, not to hurt someone.

I do find the whole burlesque thing facinating, and not because I'm a guy and would be there for the potential to see skin and boobies and such (come on folks, the internet offers plenty of that).  I always find it interesting to meet people who are have the abillity to say fuck you to any of societies so called "moralities".  Considering everyone grows up with the idea that seeing or showing off your privates is a pornographic act and you are a devient for either doing it, or watching it as it is being performed (ironically, the people who preach that sort of thing in the past are the ones whose computers get hosed by the amount of malware installed from adult entertainment sites).  I think it's a pretty badass mentality to have.  I also understand not everyone who performs does it as a fuck you to social standards, but because they believe in the art and performance aspect of it.

So, in the end, as usual, think before you make a bad joke (or at least know the people you are making the joke toward), and if you think that seeing a female nipple is vile and shameful, get the fuck over yourself.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself

I spent New Years Eve sitting in a sports bar making bad jokes, drinking beer, and playing Cards Against Humanity.  It was not the most traditional way to celebrate the start of 2015, but fuck it, tradition is overrated.  Most peoples tradition involves a stupid hat, imitation champaigne, and a has-been TV presentor counting down til a tacky looking ball drops.

It's kind of weird to think that some people think an event is a waste if they don't go out and do the same thing as everyone else.  Of course, I've questioned peoples need to conform since I was in highschool.  I find it very strange, the idea of making any effort to fit in and be viewed as normal, even fashionable.  Efforts could be better spent being creative, in my opinion. One oddball making something cool will be remember long after your trendy jeans are no longer fashionable.

Me and my group of friends definately belonged on the Island of Misfit Toys, most of us still do.  I openly admit that I was a weird kid, and am still so as an adult.  Hell, I'm not much different now than I was when I was 15.  I still love so many of the same things I did at that age.  I still play video games, watch horror movies and read comics (which is an activity that was revived by my wife), and tend to just be a geek in general.  The biggest difference between 15 year old me, and present day me is I've learned to be more comfortable with myself and just not give any fucks as to how others view me.  It's a waste of time, and you constantly have to put in effort to keep up with whatever changes in the world of trendy dumb bullshit.

So, basically, what I'm saying is fuck it, be a sore thumb.  It's better to at least attempt to be one in a million rather than just another face in the crowd.

Trust me, you will survive.  I did, and I grew up in hillbilly hell.