Thursday, July 3, 2014

I took a photo of non famous people that ended up on Television

My wife has started watching Heroes of Cosplay.  I enjoy it, mainly because these people do make some pretty badass costumes.  Most of the people staring on the show do this on a near professional level (some probably are professionals).  Of course, that's not to say the amateurs in attendance did a lame job.  The opposite is true.  The costumes are awesome.

The season finale was a two part episode filmed at Wizard World New Orleans earlier this year.  I was there for day 2, but did not attend the contests.   We mostly walked the floor, checked out the booths, and I took a few photographs of people in costume.  The people in costume tend to be some of the coolest you will meet.  I have never once had someone refuse to pose for a photo (I've been questioned who I was taking photos for, mainly because I use a prosumer grade DSLR.  It's all a hobby, not a professional), some have even gathered others to make it an even better photo.  This is common for any event I've gone to where people are in costume.  I don't know if they are dicks in real life, but they get into costume and they are cool as hell.

Anyway, watching the show last night, one of the random groups in the costume contest were a pair of girls dressed up as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.  I recognized them pretty quick because they were one of the willing pairs who stopped and posed for a photo.   I have no idea who they are, but they were cool to me to let me get the photo, and they ended up being shown on the same channel that brought us Sharktopus.