Monday, June 12, 2017

But I have this friend, Tyler Durden, who....

"I am Jack's sense of neglect"


It has been about two months since I have written anything on this page.  I suppose I'm due.  May and early June was an eventful month.  Friends had kids, fixed existing issues, and prevented a massive house flood.  You know, typical shit.

Most of the month of May was spent in kind of a funk.  The only good thing about going through that is rediscovering things that you enjoy doing.  Between getting back into a gym routine (finally), I also have been focusing on reading again.  And, I am working on digging into a lot more thoughtful literature.  I had difficulties reading fiction recently, and kind of fell into this confort zone of technical and biographical writing.

Nothing wrong with it, but now is the time to step outside of that zone.  It is easy to stay within a comfort zone and feel safe and warm, but in doing so, you deny yourself the opportunity to discover something new, to feel something other than just what you want to feel.  It is important to challenge yourself, step into the unknown, and embrace it.  Break out of your bubble.

"I am Jack's sense of change"

jacks 3

If you are wondering why I am peppering this post with Fight Club references, it is because I just got in the first issue of Fight Club 2, and a friend has shown that he has way more love for the book and film than I did.  I'm considering re-reading the book (it has been five years), just to re-immerse myself back into that story.  I fell in love with that twisted story upon first discoverying it when I was 19 years old.  I picked up the book a couple years later and gained a whole new appreciation for the work that the writers, actors, and directors put into trying to stay as close to the source material as possible.

Today also marks day 1000 of documenting what I eat.  I think today is a good starting point to push my own Tyler Durden away and being focusing on positive things that improve body, mind, and spirit.  That's where breaking out of my comfort zone comes in.   As you improve one, it becomes easier to improve the others.  Change is not always awful, and sometimes, it can be for the best.

"I am Jack's determination"

Fight Club-Odd Jobs

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