Sunday, September 25, 2016

Damn you, Domain Dot Com

For the past seven years, I have been a loyal customer of  I have registered multiple domain names through this company and was extremely satisfied with the level of service I received.  The company was also quick to provide customers with promotional codes to discount the costs of registration or renewal.  Anytime I became involved in a collaboration or a side project, was the registrar I used when securing a domain name.

It should be noted that anytime I registered a domain, I paid the additional $12.99 for privacy.

The past couple of years, I've stopped involvement in collaborations, and found myself squatting on fourdomains that no longer had use or any real value.  Rather than continuing to pay to renew these domains as well as the privacy feature, I allowed these domains to expire.  Last week, after it being a year since these domains expired, I noticed in the billing section of my account that I was still being automatically charged the $12.99 free for these four domains, despite the fact that I no longer held the registration.  Contacting customer support, I found myself being talked down to, given the runaround on the matter.  The same could be said for the billing support representative.  It wasn't until I went to twitter and tagged @DomainDotCom about my issue that I was issued a refund.

I promptly moved the two remaining domains I have registered, including this one, to another registrar and closed my account.

TLDR: will continue to charge your credit card for services associated with domain names allowed to expire.

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